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About Carrie Miller

Dr. Carrie Miller


Dr. Carrie Miller has empowered birthing parents for the past 30 years.  She received her BSN in 1991 from Oregon Health Sciences University, her MSN in 2006 from the University of Phoenix, and her Ph.D. from Washington State University in 2013. Her research focus includes seeking a deeper understanding of the experience of birthing parents and how infant feeding can be influenced by care received.  She also works closely in simulation education and is the Director of the Clinical Performance Lab at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington.  Published in several peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Miller continues to work within Lactation Science and simulation education as a researcher, educator, and bedside nurse, to improve the care for all infants and parents globally. 

Interview with Dr. Carrie Miller
“The nurse came in and she said it’s time to feed your baby. She helped the baby to latch onto my breast and at that moment in time, it was just pure magic knowing that I had the ability to feed my baby and nourish, and I was, as a birthing parent, I was able to take on that role and responsibility. For me it started with the act of a caregiver, promoting and empowering me to have the ability to feed and nourish my baby.” – Dr, Carrie Miller