Author: Suzanne Campbell

“My strong belief is that this specific topic—Lactation
as Health Promotion— is of great significance for public health as we commit to
prolonging life and promoting health through organized societal efforts

Dr. Suzanne H. Campbell

About Dr. Campbell’s Inspiration

In the past 30 years of teaching, I have focused on educating undergraduate and graduate nursing students and interprofessional health care providers on maternal-infant health and lactation—the concept of breastfeeding as a health behavior and health promotion possibility for all families has always been in the back of my mind. In teaching health promotion to graduate students in nursing (family nurse practitioners and advanced practice), I realized that breastfeeding is not acknowledged or represented in the literature specific to health promotion. Further, the most likely impediments to parents in meeting their infant feeding goals include a lack of societal, peer, family, and physician or health care professional support for breastfeeding parents.