Author: Ch. 9: Dr. Suzanne Campbell

“Her clinical work is in the area of lactation with underserved populations. She has served on the International Lactation Consultant Associations (ILCA): Research Committee, 2003-2006; Board, Director of Research and Special Projects, 2006-2009; and LEAARC, 2009-2015 and is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau International. She is working to promote interprofessional education, research, and practice at UBC, in British Columbia and globally with partners in Canada, the US, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, China, Chile, and Hong Kong.” – INACSL

Chapter Motivations for Chapter Nine

Given my global connections since early 2000 and being humbled to share with colleagues across the world my journey supporting parents, families, and communities to meet their infant feeding goals, I was struck by the similarities in our experiences. In this chapter I provide an introductory overview of international initiatives, cultural implications of examining key components of the AIDED Framework like user receptivity, and what we can learn from other countries related to BFHI, Neo-BFHI, and WHO Code compliance.